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Innerworks™ is a holistic solution for inner wellness,
offering sessions, retreats and programs for teams and individuals


Unique 2-hour experiences for groups. Sessions combine lectures, exercises and workshops for healing, development and harmony.


Retreats for healing, development and finding direction. Over 2 to 6 days of holistic work, you’re invited to uncover how to vibe with yourself and the world around you.


Customised programs for organisations, teams or individuals. We offer holistic programs over 6 or 12 months, combining lectures, workshops, coaching, yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathwork etc.

A Few of Our Guides

Faviana Vangelius von Heijne, facilitator
Johan Reunanen, coach & speaker
Daniel Mueller-Gonzalez, Wim Hof instructor
Alexander Holmberg, coach
Sanna Norrvid, Somatic Relationship Coach
Nils von Heijne, holistic coach
Therese Lyander, coach & detox guide
Fredrik Edlund, yoga/meditation teacher
Roshi Derakshan, psychotherapist

Kim Gajraj, holistic voice therapist
David Lindberg, audio visual guide
Mattis Norrvid, speaker & meditation guide
Viktor Bengtsson, detox specialist

“With a rare combination of intuition and expertise, I was guided in my process of defining my purpose and vision as a leader and as a human being.”


“My experience invited me to uncover hidden parts of my personality, and offered me guidance for how I can utilise these in my daily life.”


”A full repertoire of healing modalities with fantastic intuitive mastery of sound healing, body work and breath work, and creating deep healing connection both on the individual level and for a full group.”


About Us

Innerworks™ is a community of guides and a co-created method, initiated by serial entrepreneurs Nils von Heijne and Faviana Vangelius von Heijne.

As leaders, coaches, parents and life explorers, we saw the need for a simple, yet holistic, approach to healing and development of individuals, groups and organisations.

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